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Where are your socks made?

The socks are designed in Melbourne, Australia, and the brand is 100% Australian-owned.  But the machinery work is done in China under fair-trade conditions, as they were the only place we found with the right machine to make socks at our 90-degree a

Will my socks stretch or shrink?

Merino fibres have an internal spring-like coil that holds the fibre’s shape; that means they’re naturally resilient and stretchy fibre. You can stretch it to 20% of its length it will bounce right back to the original. In fact, you can clean them in

How should you wash your socks?

To properly help keep your socks live on there are a few things we can recommend you :  Wash them inside out Using Gentle cycle at relatively cool water You do not need to use soap, but if you do keep it mild without any Bleach Air drying over Tumbl

Will there be pilling with Merino wool?

Pilling is natural with delicate fibres like Merino wool. In fact, it’s the sign of an intricately woven, quality product.  But please feel free to contact our customer service team at [email protected] for any issues or concerns you have with our s

What’s CoolBlend?

It’s the goldilocks of cotton and wool aka CoolBlend. Together, they bring you comfort. Separately, they have their own powers. Wool is used for climate-control, deodorisation, warmth and softness. The Merino variety is also antimicrobial, so germs w

What’s the difference between short Merino and long Merino?

Not all Merino carries the properties we’ve talked about above. Top-of-the-range Merino has a longer fibre which means it’s warm in the cold and cool in the heat. Sheep are quite magnificent.  🐑

What’s the difference between normal cotton and organic cotton?

The cotton trade is a dangerous one. The industry, quite literally, grows on toxicity. Chemicals are used in production, farmers ingest the chemicals and their health suffers the consequences. It’s not a profitable one either. With no profit and a la

Aren’t Merino products usually quite expensive?

Good observation. You’re right. We’ve managed to keep our quality high and make the price point desirable too. How you ask? Paire is vertically integrated so we own the entire supply chain. The only corners we cut are at 90 degrees – just like your f

Were any sheep harmed in the making of Paire?

Absolutely not. Fun fact: sheep actually love being shaved. We’ve not been able to converse with them but we imagine they get the same joy from a shave as we do from a good haircut.

What’s GOTS-certified?

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textiles Standard. They’re essentially the police for our industry and we have their tick of approval – meaning we care about thoughtful creation and we have the accreditation to prove it.

Why don't you use bamboo fabric?

Paire opts against using bamboo fabric for several reasons. The process of turning bamboo into fabric involves a chemical-intensive process that is harmful to the environment and the workers involved. Chemical solvents like sodium hydroxide and carbo