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Why don't you use bamboo fabric?Updated a year ago

Paire opts against using bamboo fabric for several reasons. The process of turning bamboo into fabric involves a chemical-intensive process that is harmful to the environment and the workers involved. Chemical solvents like sodium hydroxide and carbon disulphide are used to extract cellulose from bamboo pulp, posing risks to both the ecosystem and human health. Additionally, bamboo fabric tends to have limited durability, losing its softness and wearing out quickly. Despite being marketed as an affordable and eco-friendly choice, its performance often falls short. In contrast, Paire prioritises sustainability and quality by choosing alternatives like TENCEL™, derived from eucalyptus tree fibres. TENCEL™ is treated with non-toxic solvents and processed using a closed-loop system, ensuring both environmental friendliness and excellent fabric quality.

You can learn more about the harm of bamboo fabric in this article.

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