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How should you wash your socks?Updated 2 years ago

To properly help keep your socks live on there are a few things we can recommend you : 

  1. Wash them inside out
  2. Using Gentle cycle at relatively cool water
  3. You do not need to use soap, but if you do keep it mild without any Bleach
  4. Air drying over Tumble drying

Are Paire socks machine-washable?

Absolutely. Just remember to turn your socks inside-out. Keep the water temperature cool or warm. No fabric softeners. And air-drying is recommended. You can find our full care guide here.

For more detailed instructions on how to keep your socks in a healthy condition click here.

However, if you have any issues with our socks, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] and our friendly customer service team will assist you until you are fully satisfied!


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